Allergies Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis (Correlated to Dushta Pratishyaya) All those with dosha constitutions dominated by Vata and Kapha can become aggravated due to causes like indigestion, inhalation of dust, fumes, drinking different types of water, drinking cold water during a cold season, exposure to cold breezes, etc. The aggravation typically accumulates in the upper respiratory tract.

Cause, Prevalence & Incidence

Ayurvedic Treatment for Allergies Rhinitis

Nasya is the primary treatment for Allergic Rhinitis, involving medicated oil drips to the nostrils. While medications are necessary throughout the treatment process, they alone is not enough.

By using Nasya, our Physicians work to expel the accumulated waste (vitiated Kapha in the sinus area) and to re-balance the doshas.

Preparatory (Purvakarma) treatments for this condition are typically only prescribed for the face and neck area and include oil application and medicated steam.


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