Pre Diabetic

Pre-diabetes is a metabolic condition closely tied to obesity. If undiagnosed or untreated, Pre-diabetes develops into Type 2 Diabetes; which whilst treatable is currently not fully reversible. An intermediate form of dysglycemia on a spectrum ranging from normal to overt diabetes, it is characterized by the presence of higher than normal blood glucose levels that are yet to reach diabetic levels

According to Ayurvedic texts, Prediabates signs, that is the Premonitory signs of Prameha- initial stage of a disease, include:

The presence of premonitory signs is indicative of prediabetes risk:

  1. General Tiredness
  2. Mental Dullness
  3. Desire to Sit/sleep or lie down
  4. Excessive Frequency of Urine
  5. Excessive Mouth Dryness
  6. Burning Sensation in palm and soles
  7. Excessive water intake
  8. Desire for intake of Cold food items
  9. Bad Breath
  10. Fast growth of nails and hair
  11. Body Heaviness
  12. Sticky and Knotty hair
  13. Stickiness in eyes/ears/teeth etc.
  14. Looseness or flaccidity in the body
  15. Numbness in Palm-sole/Whole Body

Along with the presence of above Prediabetes symptoms, the blood sugar levels: FBS 100 -125 mg/dl and HbA1c from 5.7%- 6.5% is a clear indication of PREDIABETES, before it manifests into sub-types and progresses to Madhumeha upadrava – complications of diabetes

Why Ayurveda for Prediabetes Management?


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